Self Adjusting Mattress - Memory Foam with Alternating Pressure Pump


Size: 42" x 80"
Height: 7"
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Self Adjusting Mattress - Memory Foam with Alternating Pressure Pump

The Self-Adjusting Foam Mattress from ProHeal is the go-to option for preventing bedsores. Patients who are confined to bed often experience sores due to prolonged pressure on certain areas of the body. The mattress's technology automatically redistributes the patient's weight, alleviating discomfort and pressure. The Visco Gel Polymer Technology (VGPT™) uses open-cell visco memory foam to disperse heat, redistribute pressure, and improve breathability.

The easily installed mattresses are designed with removable, fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial quilted covers for durability and comfort. Additionally, the mattress has a sloped heel section to help reduce pressure and increase blood circulation.

This mattress comes in standard and bariatric widths. The standard widths are 35” and 39”, while the bariatric widths include: 42”, 48”, and 54”. The length options are 80” and 84” and the height options are 6” and 7”. The weight capacity range is 500-700 lbs.

ProHeal is committed to providing premium and reliable products, with excellent customer service, to our clients for over 40 years. Rely on us for all your homecare needs.

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