Senville AURA 33000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump - SENA/33HF

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The Senville AURA 33000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump (SENA/33HF) is the pinnacle of efficiency and comfort for your residence.  Our cutting-edge technology and energy-saving features make this model a top choice for those seeking optimal heating and cooling solutions. Let's delve into the exceptional features that set this newly released mini-split apart from the rest.

Enjoy the luxury of a cool, climate-controlled living space as well as efficient heating that can be added to virtually any type of tiny home you desire to cool or heat. Whether it is a mobile tiny home, RV, schoolie, shipping container home, or a small stationary tiny home, the Senville mini split air conditioner and heat pump units will get the job done!  

Energy Star Certified: Experience unparalleled energy efficiency with the Senville AURA Series, an Energy Star Certified mini split air conditioner and heat pump. This certification ensures not only superior performance but also significant annual energy cost savings, potentially reaching up to 50%. Make a smart investment in your home or business while enjoying year-round comfort.

Ultra-High Efficient Heating and Cooling: Embrace the future of climate control with Senville's Ultra-Inverter Technology, delivering outstanding heating and cooling capabilities even in extreme temperatures as low as -22F/-30C. With up to 75% efficiency, this advanced system guarantees optimal performance without additional energy costs, making it ideal for the coldest climates.

Senville takes pride in crafting air conditioners that prioritize energy efficiency and affordability. The inclusion of an inverter compressor ensures a drastic reduction in energy usage, making it one of the most efficient systems with inverter technology. Choose the Senville AURA for high SEER ratings and minimized energy costs.

Smart Home Integration: Take control of your comfort with the Senville AURA's compatibility with Alexa. Seamlessly manage your mini split using the Alexa app or voice commands through any Alexa-enabled device. Whether you're at home or on the go, harness the power of remote control via your Android or iOS phone, allowing you to adjust temperature settings and set routines for enhanced efficiency.

Diagnostics & Leak Detection System: Your peace of mind matters to us. The Senville AURA comes equipped with self-cleaning, leak detection, and a diagnostic display to ensure a reliable and long-lasting system. Receive timely warnings about potential issues, allowing for proper maintenance and the highest efficiency in your climate control system.

Installation Kit & Accessories Included: For a hassle-free installation, the Senville AURA comes with a complimentary installation kit. Pre-charged with R410A refrigerant and equipped with the necessary piping, our units minimize installation costs. Unlike inferior split units, our models arrive ready for installation, ensuring convenience without additional expenses. Professional installation is required to guarantee optimal performance.


  • 19.5 SEER ENERGY STAR Certified Inverter Technology: Achieve remarkable energy efficiency with a high SEER rating. ENERGY STAR certification ensures substantial savings, boasting 58% more efficiency compared to 10 SEER units.
  • Air Conditioner With Arctic Heat Pump (Up to -30C / -22F): Enjoy reliable heating even in extremely cold climates, making it perfect for harsh winter conditions.
  • WiFi Enabled (iOS & Android): Take control of your comfort remotely using the Senville app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Whisper Technology (Ultra Quiet): Operates quietly to create a peaceful environment in your living space.
  • Silver Ion Filter (Anti-Microbial): Enhance indoor air quality by filtering out impurities with the Silver Ion Filter's antimicrobial properties.
  • Vertical Swing Function: Customize airflow for optimal distribution, ensuring comfort throughout your space.
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection: Benefit from early detection capabilities, promoting system longevity and safety.
  • Built-In De-humidification Function: Control indoor humidity levels for enhanced comfort and well-being.
  • Follow Me Function (Remote with Built-In Thermostat): Enjoy personalized comfort as the remote, equipped with a built-in thermostat, adjusts settings based on your location.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode: Maintain optimal system performance with the self-cleaning mode, removing dust and debris.
  • PTC Heat Belt and Pan: Prevent ice build-up in cold conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme temperatures.
  • Bucket-Free Outdoor Design: Streamlined design eliminates the need for manual drainage, offering hassle-free maintenance.
  • Self Diagnosis System: Stay informed about system health with the self-diagnosis system, receiving alerts for timely troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Low Ambient Cooling (Up to -30C / -22F): Experience cooling in extremely low ambient temperatures, ideal for maintaining comfort in cold climates.
  • Recommended for Rooms Sized 1750 sq. ft.: Optimal coverage for larger spaces, ensuring effective temperature control.
  • Professional Installation Required: Guarantee proper setup and performance with professional installation, maximizing the benefits of your mini split.
  • UL Certified

    • Senville AURA Series 33,000 BTU Mini Split AC/Heat Pump
    • Remote Control
    • Installation Kit - 16ft only available for now
    • Owner's Manual
    • Installation Manual
    • Remote Control Manual

    Power Supply:

    • Voltage: 208/230V, 1Ph, 60Hz
    • Voltage Range: 187-253V


    • Capacity (Range): 33000 (15000~39700)
    • Input: 2750 (440~3825)
    • Current: 18.0 (3.1~17.0)
    • EER: 12
    • SEER: 19.5


    • Capacity (Range): 35000 (19000~40000)
    • Input: 3290 (1250~3920)
    • Current: 20.5 (8.4~17.4)
    • COP: 3.12
    • HSPF4: 10
    • HSPF5: 8

    Cooling Performance:

    • Rated Capacity at 5°F (-15℃): 37000
    • Rated Capacity at 109°F (43℃): 34800

    Indoor Unit:

    • Dimensions (WDH): 1190x284.6x370.6
    • Dimensions (WDH) [inches]: 46.85x11.20x14.59
    • Packing Dimensions (WDH): 1280x360x455
    • Packing Dimensions (WDH) [inches]: 50.39x14.17x17.91
    • Net/Gross Weight: 19.7/25
    • Net/Gross Weight [lbs]: 43.43/55.11

    Outdoor Fan Motor:

    • Model: ZKFN-230-8-2
    • Quantity: 1
    • Input/Output: N/A
    • RLA (Rated Load Amps): 0.8
    • Speed: 800/500
    • Outdoor Air Flow: 3800
    • Outdoor Air Flow [CFM]: 2235.29
    • Outdoor Noise Level: 63

    small-warning.pngWarning: California Proposition 65

    Manufacturer's Warranty: Senville offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is secure. Backed by the North American Headquarters, Senville's warranty covers the compressor for 10 years and parts for 5 years. Experience unparalleled customer support and satisfaction with Senville's commitment to quality.

    ***Professional Installation Required: This unit must be installed by a state-certified or licensed HVAC professional in order for the 10-year limited warranty to be valid.***

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