Rogers Athletic LEV Football Blocking Sleds

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Rogers Athletic LEV Football Blocking Sleds

Own the Trenches with the Rogers LEV Sled. Train players to reverse the opponent's momentum prior to rolling the hips and securing control with leverage. From a good football position, hit the pad and overcome its resistance - then only after the pad is driven at least five inches, the Lev Head releases allowing the player to roll the hips and lift the pad finishing off the opponent. To practice base and drive blocking, simply engage the lock to prevent the lifting action. Drill both leverage blocking and drive blocking during the same practice with one sled.


  • Promotes leverage principles of blocking and doesn't allow the player to cheat.

  • Ram provides more realistic resistance than leaf spring.

  • Great sled for BOTH offensive and defensive drills. 

  • Heavy-duty sled - eliminates the need to add additional weight.

Quality Pads - One piece molded urethane foam core reinforced by a nylon mesh with a strong inner steel frame. Pin Attachment - Pad is attached with a single pin that won't rise or twist when hit, easily change pads for different drills. Exclusive LEV Action - Patented release mechanism develops proper drive technique by releasing only after 5 inches of compression. Locking LEV Head - LEV head assembly easily locks in the down position for drive blocking drills. Nylon Liner - Extends the life of the sled by reducing metal-on-metal wear. Link System - The sled link system is modular - allowing you to various stations and drills by converting a 7-man into smaller sleds. A low profile link allows players to safely run drills between the pads.

The Rogers Athletic LEV Sled has been designed and manufactured with safety, performance, and dependability as top priorities, making it easy to operate and maintain. The Rogers sleds are safe to use on artificial turf. All Rogers sleds include our standard 5-year warranty on steel, 3-year warranty on pads.

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