Rogers Athletic Indoor LEV Sled Station 410391

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Rogers Athletic Indoor LEV Sled Station 410391

Perfect for off season training and conditioning. Keep your player skills sharp in the off season with Rogers Indoor training sleds.

Sharpen blocking techniques and build upper body strength in the off season. A special-edition Lev Sled is attached to a platform for year-round training, fitting easily in your weight room in a space 10'9' x 4'. Push the pad back six inches or more, at which point the Sled unlocks, then roll the hips and lift the pad.

On this special-edition Lev Sled, resistance from a hydraulic shock absorber forces the player to use upper body strength to leverage the pad. The shock then returns the pad at a controlled speed, ready for the next player to engage. Includes Surge or Shock Pad.

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