Rogers Athletic Double Action Pro Football Blocking Sleds

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Double Action Pro Sled Man Options: 1 MAN PRO SLED
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Rogers Athletic Double Action Pro Football Blocking Sleds

The Double-Action Pro Sled is the ultimate tool to train explosive hip drive and full arm extension.

  • The Double-Action Pro Sled is an excellent training tool for teaching separation and release techniques from a blocker with resistance. Utilizing the unique double-action spring loaded arm allows players to reverse momentum prior to hitting on the rise.

  • Excellent for separation and pass-blocking drills.

  • Great for teaching 3-point layout explosion.

  • Drill quick punch compression.

  • Allows players to explode, press and knock out the opponent.

  • Pads can be set and locked in different positions for a variety of drills.

  • Pin arms down to use as a drive sled.

  • Modular design allows you to vary station size and gives the ability to add units when needed.

  • Powder-coated steel sled built to last.

  • Optional weight-horns for increasing resistance.

  • All-purpose sled pad can be utilized as hand-held pad.

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