QiDi i-fast Dual Extruder 3D Printer


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The QiDi i-fast 3D Printer has an industrial-grade structure and a dual extruder, allowing for fast printing and a large printing size of 360×250×320mm.

  • Faster printing- Fully industrial-grade structure, using the second-generation Qidi dual Z-axis structure and the high temperature extruder, the filament extruding is fast & smooth and the printing accuracy is higher than ever before. The ifast can easily print at 100cc per hour.
  • Freedom in the choice of the filament- Qidi iFast can print almost all  filament types which are suitable for FDM 3D printers such as PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG, NYLON, etc. The iFast 3d printer is equipped with a heated chamber, which can be heated to 60°C. The excellent mechanical structure can produce more robust manufacturing-grade parts.
  • Manufacturing of complex parts- Qidi iFast is equipped with automatic dual extruder, which can automatically adjust the left and right extruder up and down according to the software. With the PVA (water-soluble) support, it is very suitable for printing manufacturing-level parts and complex structures with precision.
  • All metal high temp extruder- Compared to the normal brass nozzles on the market, the metal extruder is more durable and prints smoother. The iFast 3D printer is pre-installed with dual extruders and the print size is 330×250×320mm. Chamber can be heated up to 60°C allowing this machine to easily print metal materials. 
  • Excellent user experience- Friendly UI interface. Equipped with QIDI slicing software, two modes can be selected: normal mode and expert mode. The normal mode is suitable for novices- the parameter system is intelligently set making it very simple to use. Expert mode is suitable for experienced users, who want to modify parameters and personalize their printing models. 
  • Double Extruder New double structure, can switch nozzles quickly, two-color printing. Printer will come with 1 normal dual extruder + 1 metal high temp dual extruder.
  • Large Print Size Double extruder mode can print 330*250*320mm.
  • WiFi Connection WiFi connection, LAN printing, Intelligent networking, saving time.
  • New Rail Structure New guide rail structure, large area printing is more accurate and stable.
  • Thermal Cavity Insulation System Effectively increases the temperature in the chamber and protects large-size models from breaking.
  • Filament Run Out Sensor Print large-size models without worrying about running out of consumables.
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen 5-inch ultra-full color touch screen, high resolution and clear display, giving you a unique touch experience.
  • QiDi Slice Software i-fast is equipped with QiDi's latest generation slicing software, which has faster printing speed and better print quality than ordinary slicing software.



Print Size 330 x 250 x 320mm
Print Accuracy 0.05-0.2mm
Print Speed 30-150 mm/s
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Extruder Temp 300C
Extruder Quantity Existing extruder+Additional extruder
Support Material Carbon fibre, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PC, ABS, PLA...
Machine size 710 x 510 x 670mm
Connection Options WiFi/LAN/USB Pen Drive
Support Windows 64 bit/Mac
Compatible Software QiDiPrint/Cura/Simplify 3D
Voltage 110-220V
Power 700W
Net Weight 33KG

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