Overland Vehicle Systems Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit - 33-0503

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Discover the Ultimate Recovery Package Combo Kit with Overland Vehicle Systems (OVS)

When you’re out on the rugged terrains, pushing the boundaries of adventure, the last thing you need is to be caught off-guard by a recovery situation. The integrity of your gear can be the difference between an exhilarating adventure and a stranded nightmare. The OVS Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit is not just your standard recovery kit; it's your promise of safety and reliability when you need it the most.

Venturing into the wilderness should be thrilling, not worrying. With the Overland Vehicle Systems Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit, you are armed with a tool tailored for high-stress winching and challenging recovery situations.


    Ready For Any Recovery Situation

    Imagine being stuck in a remote location, and your regular recovery tools just aren't cutting it. Enter Overland Vehicle Systems Recovery Distribution Link—a game changer in rigging. Designed with precision for winching yourself out safely by increasing anchor points and helping to aid a balanced load in extreme recovery situations. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of recovery tools, engineered to handle any challenge thrown its way. 

    When it comes to the shackles, don’t let the 'soft' in Soft Shackles fool you either. Made from advanced Dyneema material, they’re so powerful that they outdo their metal counterparts in many applications. Their ability to articulate better, ensure a quieter ride, and be more wear and tear resistant makes them a trail favorite. And with the abrasive protective sleeve, the strength soars to a staggering 44,500 lbs. 

    But the benefits don't end here. The package also boasts two professional grade 4” x 8 ft 40,000 lbs no-stretch tree saver straps, designed for repetitive use, ensuring you're prepared for any situation the wilderness throws at you. And if you ever find yourself stuck in deep mud, snow, or sand, the specialized 1” x 30 ft brute kinetic rope, with its impressive 30,000 lbs breaking strength and 30% stretch is your ticket out. Further sweetening the deal, we’ve enhanced this package with multi-size recovery rings, stronger and more versatile than traditional snatch blocks. However, for the sake of flexibility, we've thrown in two heavy-duty snatch blocks in the kit as well.

    This comprehensive package doesn’t just provide one solution, it’s an entire arsenal. From the two different types of recovery boards to a wide range of recovery straps, from the D-rings to the aluminum receiver mount, every tool serves a purpose and it all fits in the large storage bag that comes with the kit.

    Whether you're traversing rocky mountains, crossing sandy deserts, or exploring snowy plains, the OVS Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit got you covered. 


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    What’s a premium product without a promise? Overland Vehicle Systems ensures that this isn’t just another purchase, but a lifelong investment. Their limited lifetime warranty is a testament to their trust in their products, covering manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

    The wilderness is unpredictable. But with the Overland Vehicle Systems Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit by your side, you’re always a step ahead. Whether you’re navigating the dense woods, climbing rocky terrains, or crossing dunes, equip yourself with the best.

    In A class Of Its Own

    Off-roading and Overlanding isn't merely a hobby, it's a testament to one's spirit of adventure. OVS understands that, and so, every piece in their recovery collection echoes this very ethos.

    Every component in this package is meticulously crafted to meet and surpass the demands of extreme recovery situations. Your safety and the safety of your vehicle are paramount. And the equipment in this recovery kit is designed to exceed the toughest industry standards.

    Why wait? Unleash Your Next Adventure now without the hassle of being stuck! Order your Overland Vehicle Systems Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package today and master every trail ahead.

    Feature Specifications
    Recovery Distribution Link

    Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum

    Rated Capacity: 45,000 lbs

    Working Load: 11,250 lbs

    Features: 4 rigging points, angle scale for estimating sling, symmetry for continuity in recovery configurations

    Tree Saver Strap

    Size: 4” x 8 ft

    Loop Size: 10” - Ideal for all types of rigging including soft shackles and D Rings

    Rated Capacity: 40,000 lbs

    Material: Tightly woven 30 strands per inch reinforced synthetic fiber material for extra durability, double stitched end with a heavy-duty padded protective sleeve. No stretch

    Soft Shackles

    Material: Dyneema synthetic fiber with a protective sleeve

    Diameter: 5/8”

    Overall Length: 23"

    Knot Type: 3-inch Class 2 Diamond Knot

    Rated Capacity: 44,500 lbs

    Working Load: 15,000 lbs.

    Tow Straps

    Size (20,000 lbs): 2” x 30 ft

    Size (30,000 lbs): 3” x 30 ft

    Loop Size: 10” - Ideal for all types of rigging including soft shackles and D Rings

    Rated Capacity: 20,000 lbs

    Rated Capacity: 30,000 lbs

    Material: Tightly woven 30 strands per inch reinforced synthetic fiber material for extra durability, double stitched end with a heavy-duty padded protective sleeve. No stretch

    Brute Kenitic Rope

    Size: 1" x 30 ft

    Stretch: 30% that reduces damaging impact loads on both vehicles

    Rated Capacity: 30,000 lbs.

    Coating: Abrasion and UV resistant

    Recovery Rings

    Sizes: 2.5”, 4.0" and 6.25"

    Material: T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Professional Grade Hawse Fairlead

    Size: 1.5” thick aluminum

    Installation: Standard 10” bolt space mounting pattern, hawse fairlead designed 

    Material: T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum 

    Aluminum Receiver Mount for Soft Shackle

    Included: Comes with Hitch and pin

    Rated Capacity: 45,000 lbs

    Material: T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Avoid the headaches! - Everything you need is included with the OVS Ultimate Trail Ready Recovery Package Combo Kit and more!

    • 2x 4” x 8 ft 40,000 lbs Tree Saver Straps
    • 3x 5/8” 44,500 lbs Soft Shackles with Diamond Knot
    • 1x 2” x 30 ft 20,000 lbs Tow Strap
    • 1x 3” x 30 ft 30,000 lbs Tow Strap
    • 1x 1” x 30 ft 30,000 lbs Brute Kinetic Rope, 30% stretch
    • 1x Recovery Ring 2.5”
    • 1x Recovery Ring 4.0”
    • 1x Recovery Ring; 6.25”
    • 1x Professional Grade Hawse Fairlead
    • 2x Heavy Duty Snatch Blocks
    • 2x 3/4" Black D-Rings   4.75 Ton
    • 1x  8" 45,000 lbs Recovery Distribution Link (RDL)
    • 1x Pair Of Large Recovery Boards, 10,000 lbs weight limit each
    • 1x Pair Of Small Recovery Ramps,   10,000 lbs weight limit each
    • 1x 45,000 lbs Aluminum Receiver Mount For Soft Shackle 
    • 1x Large Recovery Storage Bag
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    • 30-Day No Stress Returns
    • FAST & FREE SHIPPING To The Lower 48 States

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