Modern Office Tiny Office Tiny House 10ft SUIPB2930MM

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Blend of modern design, high-quality materials, and versatile functionality with the 10' Apple Cabin

Experience the perfect blend of modern design, high-quality materials, and versatile functionality with the 10' Apple Cabin. This remarkable cabin is designed to elevate your outdoor experience, whether it's a backyard retreat, a cozy hideaway in the woods, or a stylish addition to your property. Let's delve into the product's features, functions, and the numerous application scenarios that make it a must-have.

  • Durable Aluminium-Plastic Exterior: Crafted from high-quality aluminium-plastic panels, our cabin is built to withstand the elements, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

  • Electrical Outlets with USB interface: Stay connected with ease, charge your devices, or power your appliances effortlessly.

  • Abundant Natural Light: Experience the beauty of nature from within, thanks to our double-layer push-out windows that flood the interior with invigorating natural light.

  • Eco-Friendly Interiors: Step into a healthy living space with eco-conscious materials like wood plastic gusset board and EO-grade ecological board, prioritising your well-being and the environment.

  • Smart Storage Solutions: Stay organised with our thoughtfully designed cabinets, offering plenty of space to keep your essentials neatly arranged.

  • Flexible Ventilation: Control airflow with side push-out windows, allowing you to create a comfortable environment in any weather.

  • Customisation Lighting: Set the mood with our top spotlight, offering adjustable illumination to create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

How do you unload the Pod House?

  • Facing the Apple Cabin’s front glass side there are forklift slots on the front below the glass, there are no slots on the back of the unit. There are also Forklift holes on the left side of the unit.

  • The right side of the unit has rollers, which primarily would be used for loading purposes if you elevate the left side you could drag/push the unit more easily.

  • The unit just has a solid metal base that elevates it a few inches off the ground, there are no legs to elevate the cabin.

External Dimension(LxWxH) 10'x7.4'x7.7'
Internal Dimension(LxW) 92"x81.5"
Weight 1,918 lbs
Applicable Voltage 110V/16A
Structure Material 1.6x1.6 inch Galvanized Steel Pipe
Roof Material Thickness: 2.54 inches
Glass fiber reinforced plastic plate;
B1 fire-grade insulation board;
Wood plastic board.
Wall Material Thickness: 2.56 inches
Aluminum-plastic panels;
Insulation panels;
Wood-plastic panels.
Floor Material Thickness: 2/3 inches
EO grade ecological board;
PVC moisture-proof membrane.
Snow Load 42 lbs/ft²
Wind Load 46 miles/h
Window Double-layer lightweight and high-strength push-out windows
Door materials Broken bridge aluminum alloy
Include Cabinets + Side push out window+Top spotlight

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