Medacure Full Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress and Rail

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Medacure Full Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress and Rail

The Full Electric Hospital Bed is a medical device designed to provide comfort and support to patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility. We offer full-size mattresses and adjustable railings for added safety and security. The bed is equipped with electric controls that allow the user to easily adjust the height, angle, and position of the bed to meet their specific needs. 

COMFORT, CONVENIENCE, QUALITY: Easily adjust the bed to the height and position you need. The bed frame is simple to assemble, cleans easily, and the parts are compatible with other hospital beds. 

Easy to Assemble

Put together the bed quickly and easily yourself with minimal expertise required. Get the full functionality of a hospital quality bed in the comfort of your home.

Easy to Operate

Adjust the bed according to your liking easily with the included multi-function remote control. The remote can be placed in many accessible locations for both the patient and caregiver to quickly and conveniently make adjustments.

Full Package

Customize your selection to include whatever you need! From different mattress options to safety rail and grab bar options, or maybe you don't need a mattress at all! You can create the package that is tailor made to your needs.

Full Electric 

With these fully electric beds, you can adjust the height of the frame as well as raise the head or foot sections independently, all with the touch of a button. (Semi Electric models require an included hand crank to raise or lower the frame height)

The premier name in quality hospital beds, Medacure offers a full line of adjustable hospital beds to suit the needs of any patient. From super low beds that go to almost floor level, to standard height beds, expandable extra wide beds to beds with expandable length, and everything in between, Medacure has the bed you need for long term care at your home or in a facility.

Medacure’s beds come in a multitude of options with incredible comfort and safety features. 

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