Palram - Hybrid 6' x 14' Greenhouse - Silver - HG5514


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We Aren’t Just A World-Class Producer Of Superior “Plastics”, We Are Dedicated Designers And Providers Of A Vast Selection Of Exceptionally Well-Crafted Outdoor Solutions.

The Palram - Canopia Nature Hybrid Series greenhouse is the ingenious enthusiast greenhouse offering the precise balance of two advanced polycarbonates panels along with a strong durable frame, while perfectly designed so you can start growing earlier and continue growing later.

The Palram - Canopia Nature Hybrid Series 6' x 14' Greenhouse is an ingenious balance of two advanced polycarbonate panels for the optimum environment. The crystal clear side panels offer over 90% transmission for growth, while the 4mm twinwall roof blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays to prevent plant burn. Add to that a ton of features, and the Nature Hybrid greenhouse is perfect for any growing enthusiast.

The integrated rain gutters and down spout disperse rain water to the ends, making it ideal for water conscious gardeners to collect. Two roof vents and door with magnetic catch keep air flowing, helping you control the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse. When it comes to set-up, this house is designed as a do-it-yourself project without the need for special tools, so you can be ready to start growing in no time.

A smart panel slide and lock system connects the frame precisely and quickly into place and polycarbonate panels slide easily into profile channels. The aluminum frame is durable, maintenance free, and rust resistant allowing you to focus on growing instead of maintaining your greenhouse. Palram - Canopia also offers a complete line of accessories designed to make your Nature Hybrid greenhouse more productive, space saving, and protective against the elements.

See Features Below:

1) Combined Polycarbonate Panel Types

- Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant and flexible

- Roof panels -twin-wall Polycarbonate protect from strong sunlight exposure

- Greenhouse Wall panels -Crystal-clear Polycarbonate provide over 90% light transmission

- Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolor, fracture or shatter

- Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use

2) Lockable Door Handle

- The structure comes with two lockable handles to provide extra protection and safety (padlock not included)

3) Easy Assembly

- Uniform profiles for all positions

- Hinged door can be assembled as a right or left hand door

4) Aluminum Frame

- The greenhouse frame provides a highly durable, rust resistant and extra-rigid structure

5) Built-In Gutters

- Gutter and gutter heads included, allow water collection for a sustainable irrigation system

6) Galvanized Steel Base

- Adds structural stability to the greenhouse kit

7) Roof Vent

- Greenhouse vent that provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity

Size (ft, rounded) 14 x 6
Sq Feet (rounded) 84
Dimensions (ft, rounded) 14 x 6 x 7
Length (in) 169.2
Width (in) 72.8
Height (in, peak) 81.9
Dimensions (in) -
Sidewall Height (in) 48.8
Head Room (feet) 6.5
Door Width (in) 22.2
Door Height (in) 64.2
Peak 33.4
Total Product Weight 137.3
Snow Load (Lbs/Sq Ft) 15
Windload (MPH) 55
# of Vents 2
Light Transmission (%) 82
Roof Material 4mm Twin Wall
Roof Color Translucent
Sides Material 0.8mm Polycarbonate
Sides Color Clear
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Color Silver
Frame Color Number -
Hybrid 6' x 14' Greenhouse - Silver
cm feet cm Inch cm Inch cm Inch cm Inch
WIDTH 185 6'1" 181 71.3 56.5 22.2 - - 185.0 72.8
LENGTH 426.0 14' 420 165.4 - - - - 424.0 166.9
HEIGHT 2080 6'10" 204 80.3 163.0 64.2 124.0 48.8 - -

Covering Area =7.9m2/ 84.8ft2

Storage Area =7.6m2/ 81.8ft2

Product Volume =12.6m3/ 445.6ft3

Wind Resistance -90km/hr | 56ml/hr

Snow Load -75kg/m.sq | 15.4lbs/ft²

Light Transmission -roof- 82% Wall- 90%

Polycarbonate Roof Panel -4mm

Polycarbonate Wall Panel -0.7mm

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