Happy Hollow Play Center by Playground Equipment PHH001

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Happy Hollow Play Center, PHH001 by Playground Equipment.

Introduce your toddlers and preschoolers to a world of growth and development with the Happy Hollow Play Center. This nature-themed play center is designed to cater to the diverse needs of growing children, promoting the development of motor skills, language, cognition, and social skills in an inclusive environment. Starting at Marty the Sensory Mushroom with its textured surface, children can discover Ferah the Firefly and her brightly colored, rattling body. Climbing the sloping Leaf Slide, they will encounter Bella the Butterfly and her puzzling peg body, which challenges them to unlock the maze of her wings.

Featuring Peek-Through Panels, a Vine Bench, and a Lily Lady Bug Spinner, the Happy Hollow Play Center by Playground Equipment PHH001 is designed for play and relaxation. Kids can click the Lady Bug Spinner to take a peek at their friends or change direction, while the Stone Climber and Chimes Mailbox provide even more interactive elements for busy children.

Featuring Shelly the Snail Drum, the HappyHollow Play Center will make a statement in any outdoor space. Bertie the Bluebird can easily be turned in any direction, providing a fun visual for children. Inside, young explorers can climb the steps to a cozy home filled with familiar comforts. Durable and safe, the HappyHollow is crafted from rotationally molded plastic with metal components securely hidden from reach. Take a stroll through the garden of learning and discover the Happy Hollow today!

happy hollow playground equipment happy hollow playground equipment

Children will find shelter and learning within the petals of the Happy Hollow. A bubble of fantasy rests within the walls while the leafy exterior is home to a variety of forest friends large and small. Bertie the Bluebird rests on a vine near a Window with Peek-Through Panels with a cleverly placed crank to turn his head. Bertie can face left, then right and all around. The crank is the first of many activities that works fine and gross motor skills. As children follow the vine around to its base, they will discover the resting form of the Carl the Caterpillar. Carl’s multi-colored rings can be pushed to one side and back again.

The open shape works children’s fine motor skills as they grasp and release. Children will continue to Marty the Sensory Mushroom where various patterns are set out for them to explore. Directly above Marty sits Ferah theFirefly whose brightly colored beads bounce joyously as its spun. Bella the Butterfly, sitting just next door, sports wide wings adorned with easy to grasp pegs that can be moved through the irmaze.

As children approach the Vine Bench, they will reach above to turn Lily Lady Bug to her gentle but affirmative click click click. As they reach the Stone Climber, they can venture into the shaded interior of the Happy Hollow and explore a host of fantasy elements that decorate the walls. The Happy Hollow is more than a garden of developmental exploration, it is a safe place.Constructed from rotationally molded plastic all necessary metal is concealed behind rotationally molded plastic keeping children as safe as they play to their hearts’ content.

happy hollow playground equipment
  • Ideal for children from 6 months to 5 years that inspires exploration into nature through learning
  • Happy Hollow is a welcome addition to any playground at home, nursery, daycare or preschool
  • Durable construction is long-lasting and reliable for a lifetime of fun
  • Colorful and unique to engage children's imagination
  • Surface or Portable mounting options for indoor or outdoor use
  • Tools for young children to improve motor skills
happy hollow playground equipment
Age Range 6 months to 5 years
Material Rotationally molded polyethylene UV stabilizers to decrease color fading
Unit Size 5' 7" x 5' 11" x 6' 2"
Footprint 5' 7" x 5' 11"
Fall Height 18"
Assembled Weight 285 lbs
Shipping Weight 360 lbs
Warranty 5 Years bumper to bumper
Use Zones
6 - 23 months 11' 7" x 11' 11"
2 - 5 years 17' 7" x 17' 11"

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