Gold Mountain Double Truss Storage Shelter W50'xL80'xH23'

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Material Weight: 32oz PVC
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Gold Mountain Double Truss Storage Shelter

Meet the Gold Mountain Double Truss Storage Shelter – a colossal solution for your storage needs, measuring a robust W50'xL80'xH23'. Crafted with precision and durability, this expansive shelter provides unparalleled protection for your assets. The double truss design ensures superior stability, capable of withstanding the harshest elements. Ideal for commercial or industrial applications, it offers vast space to house equipment, machinery, or inventory. The heavy-duty, weather-resistant fabric guarantees longevity and reliable coverage, making it a fortress for your valuables. With a generous height of 23 feet, manoeuvring large items becomes a breeze. Whether for business or personal use, this shelter stands tall, providing a reliable shield for your possessions against the forces of nature.
The peak shelter helps snow to slide off faster. The PVC fabric is stronger than PE and is therefore more resistant to weather effects. Plus, PVC has a longer lifespan.

  • Provides unlimited storage space with 50’ wide, 80’ long, and 23’ high.

  • Suitable for different purposes, from residential to commercial.

  • The galvanised steel structure is built to last, which is resistant to rusting and corrosion.

  • Weatherproof (snow, storm, wind, water), UV resistance, and fire retardant.

  • No need to use electricity during the day with the PVC cover providing enough natural light.

  • Easy entry and exit with double doors, which are placed at both ends.

Package Size 

  • LxWxH (inch): 

  • Weight (lb):

  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

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Type Peak
Overall Dimensions (WxLxH) 50’x80’x23’
Door size (WxH) (Front & Rear) 18ft x16ft
Color White with Green Edge
Main steel Tube (arch) OD 60mm, ID 56.4mm, thickness 1.8mm
Flat steel Tube (purlin) OD 60mm, ID 57 mm, thickness 1.5mm
Side Wall Height 3.5 meter
Winch door size(WxH) 18'x16'
Number of Arch
Arch Spacing
Number of Anchor plates
Fabric 900 (32oz) PVC
Snow Rating Permissible snow load 40Lb/ft² or 1.9 KN/㎡
Wind Load Permissible wind load 60 mph or 0.47 kPa
Limited Warranty 3 years
Average Lifespan More than 10 years
Condition New


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