Gold Mountain Double Truss Storage Shelter W40'xL64'xH23'


Material Weight: 23oz PVC
Sale price$19,999.00


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Gold Mountain Storage Shelter W40’xL64’xH23’

The Gold Mountain Storage Shelter W40’xL64’xH23’ - Double Truss 610g (21.5oz) PVC provides shelter on farms, construction sites, auto shops, and more. The whole structure is built with galvanised steel tubes which helps the storage shelter stand under the toughest weather. You don’t have to consider any other products when it comes to storing and protecting your valued things. This double-truss storage shelter is made for you.

The peak shelter helps snow to slide off faster. The PVC fabric is stronger than PE and is more resistant to weather effects. Plus, PVC has a longer lifespan.

  • Easy to set up and install.

  • Portable for moving to new locations.

  • Two large doors allow entry and exit more easily.

  • Fabric cover blocks UV radiation and provides natural light.

  • A galvanised steel frame helps the shelter to resist terrible weather conditions.

  • Suitable for several purposes.

Package Size

  • LxWxH (inch): box A: 124x44x46; box B: 124x44x46; box C: 98x44x35

  • Weight (lb): 7533

  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

Type Double Truss
Overall dimensions (WxLxH) 40’x64’x23’
Door size (WxH) (Front & Rear) 18’x14’ with a mechanical winch
Weight 22 oz PVC
Color White with Green Edge
Main steel Tube Φ 60x1.5mm
Other steel Tube Φ 60x1.5mm
Anchor Size φ16x1000mm
Number of Arch 8
Arch Spacing
Number of Anchor plates
Fabric 610g (21.5oz) PVC
Snow Rating 38lbs per square foot
Wind Load 50 mph
Limited Warranty 3 years
Average Lifespan 7- 10 years depending on weather conditions
Condition New



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