Gold Mountain Double Truss Storage Shelter W30'xL40'xH20'

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Material: 16oz PVC
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Gold Mountain Storage Shelter W30’xL40’xH20’

The Gold Mountain Storage Shelter W30’xL40’xH20’ - Double Truss 450g (16oz)/650g (23oz) PVC is a must-have item for storage and protection. It is ideal for agriculture, farms, automobile storage, entertainment tents, events, temporary shelters, film sets, or even parties. The steel construction is tested to stand under up to 50 miles per hour wind load, scorching sun, heavy snow and even toughest weather conditions in North America. If you are looking for something to cover and protect your cars, boats, RV’s, buses, campers, equipment, tools, materials, supplies or anything, this Gold Mountain Single Truss Storage Shelter is a perfect solution.

The peak shelter helps snow to slide off faster while the dome shelter provides more space on the top of the shelter. However, both types of shelter have the same durability and efficiency. The PVC fabric is stronger than PE and is therefore more resistant to weather effects. Plus, PVC has a longer lifespan.

  • Easy to set up and install.

  • Portable for moving to new locations.

  • Two large doors allow entry and exit more easily.

  • Fabric cover blocks UV radiation and provides natural light.

  • A galvanised steel frame helps the shelter to resist terrible weather conditions.

  • Suitable for several purposes.

  • LxWxH (inch): 124x44x39

  • Weight (lb): 2590 (for 16oz PVC); 3131 (for 23oz PVC)

  • A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

Model S304020DP
Overall Dimensions (WxLxH) 30’x40’x20’
Door size (WxH) (Front & Rear) W14ftxH13ft
Color White with Green Edge
Main steel Tube φ48x1.5mm
Other steel Tube
Anchor Size φ14x700mm
Number of Arch 5
Arch Spacing 10ft
Number of Anchor plates 10
Fabric 450g (11oz)/ 650g (23oz) PVC
Snow Rating 30 PSF (reference only)
Wind Load 75 MPH (reference only)
Limited Warranty 3 years
Average Lifespan
Condition New


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