XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with 200 lb Weight Stacks and Adjustable Weight Bench - XM-7626.1-7630

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The Wide Range Of Exercises Possible With The XMARK Functional Trainer Prevents Workout Monotony, Helping You Stay Motivated And Engaged In Your Fitness Routine!

With dual 200 lb weight stacks and a standard 2:1 stack to resistance ratio, this unit provides true isolateral-based movements and a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation.

The XMARK adjustable weight bench with a  1500 lb weight capacity easily positions in and out of your cable machine and other areas of your workout space. 

See Features Below:

Your training possibilities are unlimited with the dual 200 lb. weight stacks. Go from low weight / high rep to a heavy mass building weight with ease

Designed to fit in a corner or against the wall, The XMARK functional trainer will maximize your workout with minimal floor space.

Quickly adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5" each and easily interchange accessories

Easily positions in and out of your cable machine and other areas of your workout space

Functional Trainer Specs: 

  • 65 inches x 43.5 inches x 83 inches assembled

  • Dual 200 lb. weight stacks

  • 19 adjustment slots spaced at 3.5” apart

  • Lowest setting is 1 ft to highest setting of 6 ft 6 in

  • Unit will extend 52 inches from corner down side walls

  • 60 inches between pulleys

  • 48 inches between weight stacks

  • 10 lb weight plates, 1 inch thickness

  • Cables extend 81 inches from pulleys

  • Split Grip Pull-Up Bar

  • Accessories (Pair of 8 inches hand straps, pair of 17 inches long strap handles, 23 inches triceps rope, short bar, 42 inches long bar, leg extension leg curl strap and ankle straps)

Weight Bench Specs:

  • Heavy-duty 2 inch x 3 inch rectangular steel mainframe construction

  • 1500 lb weight capacity

  • 7-Position FID adjustable weight bench

  • Ladder back adjusts from full decline to military press position

  • 3-position adjustable seat

  • Transport wheels

  • Extra thick 3 inch Duracraft padding

  • Sweat and tear resistant Duraguard vinyl cushions

  • Foot hold down bar

  • Weighing approximately 75 lbs

Perform rows (low, mid, high), incline press, chest press, pec fly, bicep curls, triceps press down, golf swing, leg extension, leg curls, pull-ups, chin-ups and so much more.

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