Ella's Bubbles Royal - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub (32″W x 52″L)

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Drain Side: Right-Side Drain
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Experience the luxury and safety of Ella's Bubbles Royal Walk-In Tub.

Ella's Bubbles Royal - Acrylic Inward Swinging Door Walk-In Tub (32″W x 52″L) is crafted using a vacuum forming process from a durable, solid acrylic sheet. The non-porous, white gloss finish is resistant to mold and mildew, making it easy to maintain. To ensure long-lasting durability, the tub's structure features a rust-proof, stainless steel frame reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass mesh and gelcoat. Additionally, the frame is equipped with adjustable leveling legs for an easier installation and stronger support.

Featuring a brushed stainless steel door with frosted tempered glass, Ella's Royal Walk-In Tubs exude a sleek, modern appearance. The inward-swinging door provides easy access for bathers and can be removed from traditional door hinges for convenient cleaning. The lever lock, uniquely designed with an extended lever, allows for effortless locking without needing to navigate around the bather's legs, ensuring a secure and watertight seal for a safe and leak-free bathing experience.

The Ella Dual Drain Technology (DDT) incorporated in the Royal model includes two 2” gravity driven drains, four 2” outlets, 2 overflows, and 2 openers for fast and reliable drainage. Additionally, two caps are provided to cover any unused ports. It is recommended to connect the 2” drain outlets to a standard 1 ½” house drain with appropriate piping selected by a licensed plumber. Connecting to all 4 ports and a 2” house drain is the most efficient drainage option to consider.

Some may wonder how an Ella brand drain can drain faster even though it’s connected to a 1 ½” house drain using a T or Y fitting. That’s because as the water drains, air is pushed through the 2 overflows creating a vent system and reducing the amount of air bubbles preventing a free flow of the water. As a result, this produces the fastest gravity driven drain in the industry. The average drainage time evaluated by our dealers range from only 50 seconds to a couple minutes based on tub size, condition of the house drain and configurations.

The Royal also includes one (1) reversible end panel for left or right corner installation option and one (1) extension panel kit for a 60” alcove installation. These panels cover the end of the tub to give your bathtub a completed look. Additional panels can be ordered in the case your tub will be installed to the wall as free standing.

We provide a limited lifetime warranty, of free replacement parts for the lifetime of the original customer living at the address of installation. This warranty is non-transferable to other customers or locations. Shipping costs and the labor of replacement(s) are not included.

Dimensions of Tub WxLxH 29.75×52.25×38
Dimensions of Crate WxLxH 34x57x46
Seat Width 21.75″
Seat Height 15″
Width of Door 16.25″
Gallons USA (Unoccupied) 75
Gallons USA (Occupied) 45-65
Approximate Drainage Time** 80 Seconds

  • This limited lifetime warranty is extended to the first purchaser to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and
    conditions from the date of the original purchase.
  • Ella Walk In Bath Warranty

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