Breezaire WKL 2200 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Max Room Size 265 cu ft by Breezaire

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Breezaire WKL 2200 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Max Room Size 265 cu ft by Breezaire


Store your prized wine collection in a perfectly temperature-controlled cellar or wine room with the Breezaire WKL-2200 Cooling Unit. This cooler effortlessly mounts to your cellar wall and delivers consistent cooling for up to 265 Cu. Ft. of space, making it an ideal option for smaller-sized areas.

From your sparkling Crémants to those rich Cabernets, the WKL-2200 preserves them the way they’re supposed to be.


The compact size delivers plenty of power through its quiet fan for unobtrusive and vibration-free cooling. This ensures that your wines age with their flavor profiles intact, just the way the master vintner would prefer. The minimalist control panel allows you to easily adjust the temperature and view it directly on the LED screen.


Equipped with automatic temperature control and power-cut protection, the Breezaire WKL-2200 Cooling Unit ensures minimal intervention from your side—just set it up and forget about it!

  • Easy to read green LED display
  • Auto-maintains optimal fan speed
  • Ultra-quiet with no vibration
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • Full after-sale support


The Breezaire WKL-2200 can efficiently cool an area of 265 cu. ft, allowing you to store your wine in a smaller-sized cellar, away from external elements like extreme temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet rays, and vibration. WKL-2200 easily mounts through the wall on your wine cellar and vents to an adjacent room of a similar or larger size. Just ensure that your cellar is insulated prior to setup.

Height 13.25'
Width 14.25'
Depth 16.38'
Enclosure Volume Up to 265 Cu. Ft.
Weight 55 lbs.
Labor 1 Year
Parts 5 Years
Key Features
Electronic Controls Yes
Digital Temperature Display LED Readout
Humidity Control Automatic
Defrost System Automatic
Exhaust Direction Rear
Electrical Requirements 115 V, 60 Hz - 4 A


The Standard Configuration for Breezaire's is for the power cable to plug into the wine cellar side. Some installations require the power cord to plug into an adjacent space then you can upgrade to the cord to come out the back of the unit.

The Cord out Back is considered to be a special order request and thus makes the cooling unit non-returnable. Customer will need to make a hole in the back grill to accommodate the cord placement. The cord will be located on the bottom back right of the Cooling Unit. 

Please Note: Adding this item may add 3-4 weeks to the production and delivery of your unit.
If your application requires top exhaust you can order this optional modification to your Breezaire Unit. The Hot exhaust air up modification allows hot air to be exhausted out the top of the cooling unit. You will still need to allow for room to allow for proper air circulation for fresh air intake. For example: if your cooling unit is installed in a wine cabinet, you will still need to leave room behind the cabinet for fresh air intake.

The Hot exhuast air up is considered to be a special order request and thus makes the cooling unit non-returnable

Please Note: Adding this item may add 3-4 weeks to the production and delivery of your unit.

3 Photo of Bottle Probe for Breezaire Wine Cooler Unit Bottle Probe for Breezaire WKL, WKE and WKC Series cooling units. A bottle probe is highly recommended if your wine cellar is installed in a warm area.

Bottle Probe (Optional)

The BREEZAIRE Bottle Probe can be used on all models. The bottle probe is used when you want to control the temperature of the wine cellar according to the liquid in the bottles. When the bottle probe is plugged into the unit it will take place of the internal air sensor.

How to use the Bottle Probe:

Allow the enclosure to stabilize at the desired temperature for several days (72hours). Using a normal size wine bottle clean bottle and then fill it with water insert the bottle probe into the bottle, and place it in the enclosure. Do not connect the bottle probe to the unit until the bottle has sufficient time to cool to the enclosure temperature (72 hours). Connect the bottle probe to the outlet located on the face of the unit. The on and off operation of the unit is now controlled by the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. The temperature displayed is that of the liquid in the bottle. Unplugging of the bottle probe will return the unit to the internal air sensor and will be reading the wine cellar temperature. The bottle probe cord is 5’ long.

* BLACK Series Cooling Units (upgraded) are special order, so they require some time for production and no returns or cancellations will be accepted once the order has been placed.

Order shipment preparation takes 3 days. Once shipped orders usually take 2 weeks to be delivered. These are estimations; delivery can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. You can always contact us to know the exact delivery time once you placed an order with us. Have a look at our shipping policy here.


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