Autopilot ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller APE4200


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ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller

The Autopilot ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller allows growers to precisely control and monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 from one centralised unit. Its three digital screens continuous display current temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 levels. LED lights indicate active modes and inform the user of any errors. 

The ECLIPSE F90's modern and eye-pleasing enclosure features four separate power outlets for external devices: Cooling, Heating, Humidify/Dehumidify, and CO2 ppm. All four outlets feature heavy duty protective covers that prevent atmospheric moisture from entering the device through any unused outlets. A built-in data logger records minimum and maximum temperature, humidity and CO2 ppm levels.

It’s also equipped with an optional high temp shutdown feature for use with CO2 generators that is designed to save a crop in the event of an exhaust fan or AC failure. This mode allows the user to set an emergency temperature limit that will turn off the CO2 generator until the grow room temperature is reduced by 10°F. 

The Eclipse F90’s sensitive and intelligent remote combination probe features a highly accurate temp/humidity and low-drift dual beam CO2 sensor. The probe can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller, and has been designed to resist EMI/EFI from electronic ballasts.

The controller can be mounted to a wall or grow tent. Two mounting kits are included with each controller. 

  • 4 outlets control temperature (heating & cooling), humidity and CO2 ppm

  • Easily controls AC during the day and heating/dehumidification at night

  • Fuzzy Logic setting for compressed CO2 tank and regulator setups

  • Standard CO2 setting for use with CO2 generators (LP/NG)

  • High temp shutdown feature for use with CO2 generators

  • Separate day/night temperature and humidity set points

  • Records high and low temp, humidity and CO2 levels

  • 2/4/6°F  temperature deadband option 

  • 5% relative humidity non-adjustable deadband

  • 15' remote sensor probe with photocell

  • LED mode and error indicators

  • Internal battery keeps settings during unexpected power failure

  • 14.5 max operating amperage, 120V

  • ETL-listed

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