Autopilot CUMULUS S50 Digital CO2 Controller APE3100


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S50 Digital CO2 Controller measures and controls grow room carbon dioxide levels

The Autopilot Cumulus S50 Digital CO2 Controller measures and controls grow room carbon dioxide levels with great precision. It can operate in Fuzzy Logic mode, ppm Up or ppm Down mode. The S50 digital display shows exact ppm readings down to 1 ppm resolution. It boasts a fully customizable CO2 set point and deadband, min/max recall, LED mode and error indicators, optional calibration and a remote 15' low drift CO2 sensor with photocell. 

The ppm Up mode is designed for use with CO2 generator systems (LP or NG).

  • Accurate dual-beam CO2 sensor

  • Adjustable CO2 headband

  • 15' remote combination probe (CO2 & light)

  • Instantaneous readings down to 1 ppm

  • Records high and low COlevels

  • Fuzzy Logic mode adjustable (on/off)

  • LED mode and error indicators

  • ETL-listed

  • 14.5 max operating amperage, 120V

Fuzzy Logic is designed specifically for controlling standard compressed CO2 tank & regulator systems to improve efficiency and minimise CO2 waste. When in Fuzzy Logic mode, the built-in microprocessor continuously applies calculations to the injection schedule, improving CO2 injection rates over time. This highly efficient method of injection helps maintain more consistent CO2 levels while saving money year round on expensive CO2 tanks.
Controlling CO2 has never been easier or more affordable. Autopilot's CUMULUS S50 eliminates guesswork while maintaining grow room carbon dioxide levels with great accuracy and efficiency. 

Mounts to both walls and grow tents. Two mounting kits are included with each controller.

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