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Today, Austin Air Remains The Original Maker Of High-end Filtration Systems. Sold In More Than 100 Countries, We Maintain The Largest Air Cleaner Manufacturing Facility In The World, At 480,000 Square Feet.

Imagining a healthier home, the Austin Healthmate Plus delivers with it's specialized carbon for clearing up VOC's Formaldehyde and chemicals faster. This along with airborne allergies like dust mites, dust, mold, pet dander, hair, mold spores and pollen means your home or business is going to have much improved air quality. This unit with it's high performance, easy maintenance, and quality workmanship will deliver results for you quickly and efficiently.

Highly recommended for chemical abatement, VOC absorption, formaldehyde, cigarette/marijuana smoke and odors or any other environment where odors/fumes are present.  

How Does It Work:

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus air purifier has a state of the art 4 stage filtering system with a 360 degree intake system giving you the most efficient and fast ability to deal with the full range of indoor air pollutants you would find your home or business offices.

STAGE 1 & 2 – Large and Small Particle Integrated Pre-filter. Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye like hair, pet dander, and other large airborne pollutants. AS well as medium sized particles like mold / mildew spores, dust mites, pollen.

STAGE 3 -  15 lbs of Activated Carbon and Zeolite integrated with potassium iodide. This is the filter that removes dangerous chemicals, gases, fumes, odors, and VOC's like formaldehyde air pollution.

STAGE 4 - It has 60 sq ft of Certified HEPA. This filter is key to removing  99.97% of all airborne  particles larger than 0.3 microns

Air Filtration System The Austin Healtthmate Plus 4-Stage filters
Smalll and Large Pre Filter - Polyester & vacuum
True HEPA - 99.97% to .3 microns (60 sq ft)
Activated Carbon - 15 lbs, 2 inch deep carbon/zeolite mix with potassium Iodide
Anti Microbial filter
Coverage Area 1500 sq feet by 8 ft ceilings (2 Air Exhanges per hour)
Noise Level 45db to 63db
Power Usage/consumptions 50 watts - 135 watts
Motor / Fan Assembly AC (Alternative Current) PSC Motor with Backward Impeller.
Fan Rating, CFM 400CFM
Speed Settings 3 - Low / Medium / High. Flow speed 50 to 400
Dimensions 14.5 inch X 14.5 inch X 23 inch
weight 45 lbs
Power Consumption 110-120 V, 60 Hz
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years 5 Years Parts and Labor + 5 Year Pro-rated warranty on Filter Assembly.
Certification. CSA, NRTL and CE approved.

Filter Maintenance

  • Vacuum outside of unit regularly with soft brush vacuum attachment

  • Gently shake out pre filter periodically and change every 12-18 months

  • Change HEPA/Carbon Filter every 4-5 years

1 – Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier unit

1 – One of each required filter

1 – Owner’s Manual

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