Gold Mountain Single Truss Arch Storage Shelter W30'xL85'xH15' SS000155SS000155

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Material: 11oz PE
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Gold Mountain Single Truss Arch Storage Shelter W30’xL85’xH15’

This Gold Mountain Single Truss Arch Storage Shelter W30’xL85’xH15’ is an excellent workspace solution for areas with heavy rain, snow, and rain. When it comes to storage and space matters, your requirement is the most important. The canopy fabric cover has a 2-year warranty, so shop it with confidence. The rust-resistant galvanized steel framework and metal corner joint make the tent more durable and stable. The tear-proof reinforced PE (Polyethylene) material is long-lasting and protection guaranteed. This fabric storage tent is easy to build and can be used for all seasons. This is the first choice for outdoor and farm storage. Two doors at each end make entry easier. 

It’s necessary to tighten the roof fabric enough to avoid “hammocks” on the roof and also re-tighten once or twice again after a few months of use. This is important when assembly in cold weather (autumn and winter) because the fabric is stiff then and when we got the sun and warm weather afterward it will make the fabric “slack” again and need to be re-tightened before next winter.

It’s the owners' responsibility to take off snow immediately if not slide off by itself.

This product is 300g/11 oz PE material, white color green edge design.

  • Resistant toward water, UV, and fading

  • Style: Freestanding

  • There is an average of 7-10 years of cover lifespan, depending on the environmental and weather conditions.

  • A huge capacity for trucks, automobiles, and more bulk storage

  • Protect belongings from wind, snow, and rain

  • CSA/TUV Snow Rating Test Report

  • SGS fabric Certificate

  • Type: Prefabricated Building

  • Certificate: SGS

  • Condition: New 

Package Size

  • LxWxH (inch): 115x30x46

  • Weight (lb): 3080

  •  A forklift or equivalent is required for unloading

Model S308515R
Dimensions(WxLxH) 30ft x 85ft x 15ft
Door dimension(WxH) 11.5'x11.5'
Total trusses 14 Units
Truss spacing 6.6'
Total large anchor plates 28 units
Truss tube Gauge 15
Snow Rating 1.77 kpa / 37 pounds per sq. foot
Wind Load 50 miles per hour
Frame Galvanized steel tubes
Fabric cover 300g (11oz) PE (Cover price: $3,310)
450g (16oz) PVC (Cover price: $5,000)
500g (18oz) PVC (Cover price: $5,500)
650g (23oz) PVC (Cover price: $6,400)
750g (26oz) PVC (Cover price: $7,200)
900g (32oz) PVC (Cover price: $8,400)
Please contact us to order
Color White, blue, green, army green, grey, or customized color
Test Load Deflection
Lb Kpa Point A (inch) Point B (inch) Point C (inch)
Step 1 0 0 0 0 0
Step 2 1005 1.52 1.4 1.6 1.2
Step 3 1507 2.28 2.2 2.3 1.6
Step 4 Keep the test load until 30 minutes
Step 5 Remove the test load 0.6 1.1 1.2
Step 6 The test sample can withstand the applied test load without damage.


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